5 Tips To Wake Up For Your Morning Workouts

5 Tips To Wake Up For Your Morning Workouts

Posted by Raphael on 2018 Oct 24th

Raise your hand if you love to sleep. Okay, now raise your hand if you love waking up for early morning workout sessions. I’m going to take a guess that we lost a few people on that second one. And rightfully so: sleep is amazing and getting the motivation to leave a warm bed to workout can be darn near impossible.

Not sure how to get started? Here are five tips to help you rise and shine for your morning workout.

Wake up with intention

You have to wake up with intention, so remind yourself the moment you wake up (and while you drink water — always a glass of water before coffee) why you’re making moves in the dark before the rest of the world. It’s because you want to be strong, you are a badass, and strong badasses get up and work out in the dark — they don’t sleep in!

Keep your alarm at a distance

This is one of the oldest tricks in the books, but if you get straight back into bed, it’s not always as effective as you’d like. Put your phone out of reach, so when the alarm goes off you’re FORCED to wake up and get out of bed to turn it off.

Prep a breakfast you can’t wait to eat

There’s no denying that you’re motivated by food, so having a breakfast to look forward to in the morning definitely helps your feet hit the floor. Prep it the night before or have all of your ingredients ready, whether it’s pouring your favorite granola and some honey on Greek yogurt or topping a protein pancake with fruit. Just make it delicious.

Make it a habit

Life is about habits, both big and small. So, to get to the bigger goal of working out in the morning, stick to small habits along the way, like placing the alarm clock away, for example. As you brush your teeth, ask yourself: What will I gain from staying awake instead of going back to bed? The answer is always 'a lot,' because a couple extra hours of uninterrupted time is enormous, whether it's spent at a desk or in the gym.

Prep your clothes—and a playlist

Getting ready in the morning can be challenging, so just let everything set up before you go to bed, at night. It should help you with more time to get a good breakfast and start your day with less chores. Also, a good vibes playlist can get your morning boost just the way you need it. Get that playlist set so you can start your day with your favourite tunes. 

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