Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Try Indoor Sports

Posted by Raphael on 17th Dec 2018

Winter is coming! But who says there’s nowhere to hide? It’s far too easy to put off getting into a new sport until the summer.

If you’re one of those people who can’t do outdoor activities, no matter how many layers or winter gear you have, here is a list of indoor ones you can try. Yep, no more having to look painfully frozen while you wear sweaty gloves (SO uncomfortable) to run outside.


Obviously, it can be done outdoors for a potentially much better view but indoor climbing is a great way to get into a physically demanding sport which will work your upper body strength no end. Try bouldering, which is ropeless climbing at low heights, often above safety mats, if you’re feeling a bit nervous about the whole situation. You don’t need to be super fit to rock climb – physical strength is way more important – and, as with all sports, the more you do it the fitter you’ll become.

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Besides from the fact it may well be the most fun form of exercise ever, you’ll find trampolining works out the whole body with all the twisting and turning and, yes, landing in all sorts of different positions – sometimes, not always intentionally. Your heart rate will definitely be increased from all that bouncing while it’s also pretty good for improving balance and coordination.

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Cycling (spinning)

If you don’t quite feel ready for the steep curves of a velodrome yet, that’s totally understandable – and spinning is a low-key alternative. You get just as high on endorphins on a fixed bike and boy, will you work those thighs. Indoor cyclers can burn about 600 calories a class, depending on much you turn up that resistance and how much effort you put in.

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Ping Pong

Come the summer, you might well be one of those who loves picking up a tennis racquet and pretending you’re living that Wimbledon life. But in winter on cold, grey days, ping pong could be the answer. It’s great for upping those pesky concentration levels.

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