Top 5 Workout Pants

Posted by Raphael on 29th Oct 2018

With the cold weather coming, there’s a big chance you might need to put on some pants to keep going for your training sessions. It can be hard to work out on pants, so here is our top 5 most comfortable pairs from Champion:

AO700 Sueded Fleece Jogger

In up to size 2XL, these Sueded Fleece Joggers from Champion feature a comfortable blend of cotton and polyester in a simple but sleek and versatile design.

M0937 Women's Fleece Jogger

Versatility is highlighted with these Champion Women's Fleece Joggers. Wear them to the gym or all day inside without ever changing!

P900 Powerblend Eco Fleece Closed Bottom Pant

Looking for a pair of comfortable moisture-wicking pants? Check out these Champion Powerblend Eco Fleece Closed Bottom Pants, made with Double Dry® fabric and a full athletic fit. Plus, there are 8 colours to choose from and we've got up to size 3XL.

B940 Performance Tights

These Champion Performance Tights provide the comfort and flexibility you expect in brand-name apparel, and we provide the ultimate price. The fabric is moisture-wicking for maximum comfort, and we've got up to 2XL.

P1022 Powerblend Eco Fleece Jogger

Keep moisture under control and stay comfortable with the Champion Eco Fleece Joggers, designed for athletic performance. Pick from four colours and get a truly competitive price.