Warm Up Tips

Warm Up Tips

Posted by Raphael on 1st Oct 2018

Fall is here and so is the cold and rainy season. It’s even more important to warm up your body during this time of year. Before every training session, a good stretching is great way to start up. Here are 5 ideas of warm up exercises you can do. Pair them with some comfortable athletic wear and you’ll be good to go for the season!

Jump Rope

Start with a regular two-footed jump, and as you get warm you can play around with other jump styles.

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Alternating Knee Hugs

Stand with feet hip-width apart and pull one knee into chest. Keep shoulders back and core tight. Repeat, alternating sides. After a few repetitions on each side, repeat the motion but come onto the ball of the standing leg.

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Alternating Hamstring Stretch

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Extend one leg straight in front, foot flexed and heel resting on the floor. Bend down to stretch hamstrings while sweeping arms down by outstretched foot and up over head. Repeat alternating sides.

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Walk-Out Planks

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Bend down to put palms on the floor, and walk hands forward until reaching a high plank position. Then walk hands back towards feet and return to standing. Repeat.

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Inner Thigh Stretch

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Bend the right knee, shift weight to the right, and place hands on right knee to stretch inner thigh muscles in left leg. Switch sides; repeat.