Women’s Picks for Comfortable Workout Sessions

Posted by Raphael on 11th Sep 2018

Feeling comfy is essential for your training sessions. We made a list of our top pick Champion women’s apparel to make your workout even better.

Women's Mesh Shorts 5"

There's a lot to love about these Champion Women's Mesh Shorts. They're made with a wicking 100% polyester that includes a mesh lining for added comfort and breathability. They also feature a tricot lining that prevents show through. Choose your colour today!

Women's Fleece Jogger

Versatility is highlighted with these Champion Women's Fleece Joggers. Wear them to the gym or all day inside without ever changing!

Performance Tights

These Champion Performance Tights provide the comfort and flexibility you expect in brand-name apparel, and we provide the ultimate price. The fabric is moisture-wicking for maximum comfort, and we've got up to 2XL.

Women's Absolute Sports Bra

Looking for a sports bra without the hefty price tag that comes with a brand name and brand name quality? The aptly named Champion Women's Absolute Sports Bra delivers on the promise of brand name quality without a bank-breaking price.

Women's Fleece Full Zip Jacket

The clothing you wear as an athlete should keep you comfortable, but it shouldn't be bulky and you should like the way it looks. The Champion Women's Fleece Full Zip Jacket ticks all the boxes and then some. Plus, we offer extremely competitive prices and quick shipping. Comes in 3 different colours.