Workout Tips For Those Who Work a 9-5 Job

Workout Tips For Those Who Work a 9-5 Job

12th Mar 2018

Workout Tips For Those Who Work a 9-5 Job

Workout Tips For Those Who Work a 9-5 Job

Going to the gym regularly has many benefits, and if you are a frequent lifter, runner, crossfitter or the like, you know of these benefits first hand. Unfortunately, it can be hard to balance a traditional 9-5 type schedule with regular gym going. For these reasons, here are some of our best workout tips for those of you who work a 9-5 job!

Workout Tip #1: Find the Closest Gym You Can

If you work a typical 9-5, you basically have three options for when to work out: Before work, during work, or after work. Going during work is probably not possible for most people, because it would require a super close gym, and a super flexible schedule. But, if it’s possible, there’s no harm in trying it out! That leaves before or after work as the best options. There are a few deciding factors here. One is the location of the gym, and how long it will take you to get there. If you need to get up at 4:30am to get to the gym before work, that might be a big problem for you. Find a gym that is as close to work as possible. This can be easily done with Google Maps by just searching “Gyms near (your work address, including the city).” Once you’ve found a gym, the best thing to do is experiment with going before and after work, to see which time is best for you.

Workout Tip #2: Have Simple And Easy Pre And Post-Workout Options

Now let’s consider some other factors. If you need pre-workout, or some form of pre-workout meal, you should get that locked down. Some excellent pre-workout options include: Black coffee, salt (yup, about a teaspoon), a large amount of water, sugar-free energy drinks (these avoid the blood-sugar crash and unnecessary calories) or a packaged pre-workout. If you need something in your stomach, a slow-digesting carbohydrate is your best bet. Think oatmeal, brown rice and some sort of protein if you like. You can consume this at home before leaving, or take it with you to work if you’re training later. When you’ve got a good transportable pre-workout option down, you’ll want some post-workout protein within a few hours. If you train after work, this can easily be dinner. If you train early, pick up a simple plant-based or whey protein powder to throw in your bag. You don’t need to spend a fortune, simplicity is king!

Workout Tip #3: Get a Comfortable Gym Bag

So where do you keep everything? You probably want something that’s not massive, is easily transportable, and holds everything you need. A great option would be something like a Puma Team Formation Duffel Bag. It has plenty of space, an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, but it’s small enough that it fits in lockers and won’t be awkward to carry.

Puma Team Formation 20" Duffle

Workout Tip #4: Use Plastic Bags and Take A Shower

This tip concerns personal hygiene. No one likes to smell bad, and if you don’t shower, you might be annoying to your colleagues, or the people on your train ride home. Most gyms nowadays have showers, so the question is, what do you do with a wet towel and clothes? Simple. Get a plastic bag and throw them in there when you’re done. Put the plastic bag in your gym bag and dry them off when you get home. If you’re working out frequently, it’s a good idea to have a few different sets of clothing. We’ve got some great stuff here at, or you can check out, or for super affordable athletic apparel.

Workout Tip #5: Clean Your Gym Bag Or Backpack (Please)

You shower to keep yourself clean, but don’t neglect your gym bag or backpack! Bacteria builds up pretty quickly, and you may find that things rapidly start to stink. Luckily for the lazy cleaners, keeping everything bacteria free is pretty simple. Either check the tag of your bag (or ask the manufacturer directly) to see if it’s machine-washable, and follow the instructions. Or, get a damp sponge or cloth, wipe the inside, apply a very small amount of detergent, wipe again, quickly dry it off and you’re good to go!

Hopefully these workout tips help some of you who work a 9-5! Have some tips we missed? Let us know!