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It’s Baseball Season

It’s Baseball Season

Posted by Raphael on 2019 May 6th

It’s that time of year and we’re ready to hit the diamond! Don’t worry about striking out, we’re ready to hit a home run this year.Check out our baseball tees and get your team some new apparel for … read more

Benefits Of Leg Workouts

Posted by Raphael on 2018 Sep 17th

Don’t skip leg day! Does that sound familiar to you? We’ve all heard it, and it’s for a good reason. Actually, a variety of them. Exercising your lower body is very important and these are the main … read more

Women’s Picks for Comfortable Workout Sessions

Posted by Raphael on 2018 Sep 11th

Feeling comfy is essential for your training sessions. We made a list of our top pick Champion women’s apparel to make your workout even better.Women's Mesh Shorts 5"There's a lot to love about the … read more